Environmentally Contaminated SBA Loans

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Difficult Loan Characteristics:

  • Environmentally contaminated property with or without clean-up plan.
  • Loans or properties where liability or potential liabilities pose such a risk that foreclosing on the property become an undesirable option for the lender.
  • Loans where protective advances are financially undesirable relative to the recovery level on an asset and note disposition is desired before the advances are required.
  • Uncooperative borrowers that create situations where the lender would rather resolve the issue by selling the note rather than settle with the borrower at a discount.

Loan and Property Parameters: 

  • Regular Property Type: Retail, Medical Office, Industrial, Apartments, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Parks, Hotel/Motel.
  • Special Use Property Types: Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Laundromat, Dry Cleaners, Restaurant, Bowling Alley, Car Wash, Cold Storage.
  • Geography: Nationwide and prefer western U.S. However, we will consider other locations in both primary and secondary markets and even rural markets.
  • Asset Size: $75,000 - $5,000,000